The Fitness Center at Saxony

The Fitness Center at Saxony is the latest addition to the ever growing business lineup in the Bonn Building in Fishers. Located at 131st Street just west of Olio Road, this state of the gym is the next step from the widely popular Our Fit Club, founded by Angie Beckius. By taking this next step in community wellness, Angie, along with co-founder Ryan Belleville, discovered the perfect location was right next to Our Fit Club.


The Fitness Center at Saxony is open 24/7 and offers its clients the opportunity to join the journey and be the determining factor in their own health and fitness. Clients can set their own pace, while working out on their schedule.


Interested in finding out more about The Fitness Center at Saxony? Join today and ask questions, by signing up online.

Address: 13578 E. 131st Street, Suite #106, Fishers, IN 46037
Phone: 540-840-0734

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