The Lake District

The Lake District boasts Saxony's 20-acre lake, a defining natural advantage and differentiator for the overall Saxony Village.

Waterfront connections abound, from recreational aquatic rentals and fishing, to a public beach that fills up with families in the summertime. Outdoor activity options include a trail system that funnels bikers and joggers into the central plaza, and a village outfitter that serves as a regional hub for recreational equipment and excursions. Myriad additional activities such as a yoga studio and boutique fitness center promote cultural advancement and physical well-being.

The mixed-use, pedestrian-only core of The Lake District features an unmatched collection of local businesses, diverse activities and active public spaces converging to create an authentic and social community gathering place for the region. In addition, The District @ Saxony, multi-family residential apartments, and townhomes are located around the lake.