Water Shortage Warning Issued

Water Shortage Warning Issued

Date of Record: July 6, 2012

Water Shortage Warning Issued

Citizens Water Asking All Customers to Stop Lawn Watering

INDIANAPOLIS - Citizens Water today issued a water shortage warning and has requested that all customers stop watering their lawns until next Friday, July 13.

"The severe drought conditions and continued heavy water use are causing water levels to drop quickly at Morse, Geist and Eagle Creek reservoirs. It is important that all customers stop lawn watering for at least the next week in order to stabilize water supplies and reduce stress on the distribution system," said Lindsay Lindgren, Vice President, Water Operations for Citizens Water.

Exceptions to the voluntary lawn watering ban include flowers, vegetable gardens, other sensitive plants, and newly planted trees and lawns.

"We appreciate everyone's cooperation as we work to ensure adequate water supply to customers throughout the summer," Lindgren said.

Customers are reminded that established lawns go dormant when not watered, according to experts at Purdue University. More information about water conservation is available at

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