Beaver Control in the Regulated Drain Easement

Beaver Control in the Regulated Drain Easement

This is to inform you that on October 26, 2011 a work order was filed in the office by Steve Baitz for work to be done on the Mud Creek - Sand Creek Drain Regulated Drain.  During the course of our investigation, it was found that the cause of the problem is work being done by beavers.  In order to resolve this problem we must remove the beavers from the area.  This work will require the contractor to use the regulated drainage easement for access.  This work is to be done on or near your property, being Parcel(s): 13-11-26-00-00-016.001

It is the intention of the Hamilton County Surveyor's Office to maintain proper operation of the regulated drains throughout the county for the benefit of everyone.  Beaver dams are considered obstructions and the Surveyor is required by state law to remove obstructions for regulated drains.  Removal of beaver dams on open drains is necessary for adequate drainage to the watershed area.  These obstructions will quickly re-appear unless the beavers are removed from the area as well.

The Drainage Board Contractor will notify the property owner prior to and at the completion of work.  All persons and their animals shall stay clear of the area during this time.
The Contractor can be reached at:
A and T Wildlife Management Services 1832 N. Bazil Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46219
Tim Julien, CWCP Ph:(317) 895-9069 Cell: (317) 513-1598

Please regard this letter as written notification of said work.  The work order has been forwarded to the Contractor.  A date for this work has not been set at this time, but will be set by the Contractor as his schedule permits.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation.  A map is enclosed showing the above mentioned property.  If you have any further questions or concerns, pleave contact Stephen Baitz at (317) 776-8495.

Stephen A. Baitz

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