SMC to Move to Noblesville Corporate Campus

SMC to Move to Noblesville Corporate Campus

SMC to Move to Noblesville Corporate Campus

September 1, 2007—Paraphrased Article from Indianapolis Star

By: Ryan Heath

Japanese manufacturer SMC has decided to relocate its North American headquarters to Noblesville. The reason was because of the close proximity to the already existing headquarters in Indianapolis and the efforts of the Noblesville city officials.

SMC opened its Indianapolis location in 1977 and has around 500 employees. After it opens it new doors in the Noblesville Corporate Campus in 2009, the company plans on hiring about 275 more employees. Noblesville will spend close to $15 million to lure SMC to the corporate campus. SMC will spend $45 million to build the 825,000 square foot building. The building will be located on 95 acres east of Cumberland Road and half a mile north of 146th Street.

SMC will become the largest private employer in the city after its move to the Noblesville Corporate Campus.

The announcement of SMC’s moving to the campus is huge for the developing campus. The campus includes a 3,600 acre first phase and a 950 acre second phase. An estimated 30 to 40 percent of the campus is currently under development, said Ben Bontrager, Noblesville assistant economic development director.

SMC will join Perkins Specialized Transportation, Helmer, and Intrametco, among others. Perkins, Helmer and Intrametco are moving into Republic Development’s part of the campus called Saxony.