American's Best Places to Live

American's Best Places to Live

America's Best Places to Live

July 14, 2008 - Paraphrased Article from

Number 10:
Population: 61,800
Miles from Indianapolis: 15
Economic development spending: $700 millionfrom 2008 to 2010
Transit: New rail line in the next five years
Pros: Public transportation, growing economy
Con: Minimal downtown

Fishers is growing fast, attracting residents who are young (median age: 30) and smart (over 60% have a bachelor’s degree or more). It has the range of pluses common among our top 10, including a strong economy (lots of life-science companies are moving in), low home prices ($149,700 for the typical house) and good schools (they get high rankings in the state). Though a walkable downtown is still in the planning stages, transportation is already here: Fishers started a commuter bus service to downtown Indianapolis and plans rapid transit via rail in the next two to five years. When it comes to smart planning and sheer livability, other places could learn a lot from this little city in the Midwest.