'New Urbanism' comes to Exit 10

'New Urbanism' comes to Exit 10

'New Urbanism' comes to Exit 10

If you haven’t been up to the I-69 Exit 10 area of Fishers/Noblesville in a while, you’ll be surprised by the many changes … and there’s still much more to come.

Head straight up Olio Road to where it intersects with Greenfield Avenue and crosses I-69, and you’ll see a vastly different landscape. Just last summer, there was little more than the ill-fated Deer Creek Outlet Mall to be seen amongst the open fields. Now you can go shopping at the recently opened J.C. Penny’s, wander the Saxony Corporate Campus or get your nails done at Images Tips Nails Salon.

There’s also the Community Health Pavilion of Saxony which opened in 2005. It will be joined in the very near future by a new St. Vincent’s emergency care and outpatient facility, as well as a 250,000 square foot, 40-bed Clarian hospital/medical office building. St. Vincent Medical Center Northeast is expected to open in the fall of 2008, while Clarian is preparing to begin construction in mid-summer. Tenants of the doomed Deer Creek Outlet will soon be departing the premises in order to make way for the new Clarian facility.

The Exit 10 area is being developed on each side of I-69 and is located in Fishers and Noblesville. Simon Property Group and Republic Development of Toledo, Ohio, are establishing this upscale “new urbanism” model community, which is intended to be a place where citizens can work, play and live. The concept is based on the ‘town square’ model in which shops, businesses and living units are all within walking distance of one another.

As described by Republic Development’s president, Rick Arnos, “There are very few mixed-use developments in the Indianapolis region that match what Saxony has to offer – and none of its size. Saxony integrates more fully residential users with retail, entertainment and office uses.”

Also unique to Exit 10 is a new “self service” Post Office, accessible 24 hours a day, which will be operational sometime in February. Along with the already completed Star Financial Bank and a day care center, Play School at Saxony, things are beginning to take shape, and the future of the area is becoming visible.

On the north side of I-69, “Hamilton Town Center” (the Simon retail area), is already well-along in its construction. It will eventually be entirely encircled by the Saxony retail, corporate and residential units. The Saxony development is a $500 million project which began four and a half years ago and is expected to take a total of 15 years to complete. It will cover more than 700 acres and is about 30 to 40 percent complete now that the residential portion of the development is done.

At present, there are a few commercial spaces available for lease for offices and shops, but numerous more will be appearing over the course of the next 10 years. Anyone interested in becoming a tenant in the Saxony development can find out more by visiting Republic’s website at [2] www. Saxony-Indiana.com, or contacting Sean McKinnies at 770-1818.