More Help May be Down Road

More Help May be Down Road

More Help May be Down Road

June 25, 2003 – Paraphrased Article from Indianapolis Star

By: David Lindquist

While a new parking policy seeks to streamline the traffic flow into Verizon Wireless Music Center this summer, a network of new and expanded roadways will ease congestion for future seasons.

The city plans to widen 146th Street, which borders the venue to the south, from two to three lanes and eventually five. And west of the Exit 10 interchange at I-69, a new five-lane road will come north from Greenfield Avenue.

“The estimated price tag stands at $30 million to $35 million,” said Chris Hamm, Noblesville’s economic development director.

Topping the wish list of Hamilton County Highway Department Director Brad Davis, the 146th Street extension would advance plans for the area’s “corporate campus.” More than 3,000 acres between Ind. 37 and I-69 have been set aside for development.

“I think the whole idea is much larger than just the Verizon Wireless Music Center,” Davis said. “It’s to complete the whole link across the county to access the interstate system.”